Monday, September 25, 2017


Well, today I dropped my camera in a river. Here's the adventure that caused it all...

Monday, September 18, 2017


Well its been another normal week in Colombia. We had a good week. We put baptismal dates with Marcela's 2 children Cristian and Valeria. They went to church along with Ricardo the dad and they really liked it! We're teaching a man named Alfredo. Alfredo's son is Andres and was baptized in the United States a year ago by Justin Robison who graduated from Queen Creek High. Alfredo is SUPER HYPED to get baptized. Hes just a little old and has Parkinsons, but is the sweetest man ever.

On Tuesday they surprised us by telling us that we had a multi-zone meeting 2 days later, on Thursday! So guess who had to get that all set up? oh ya. We were running on 0 sleep for 3 days. We had to do a practice thing in the multi-zone about presenting the BOM and it went good. 2ez. 

So ya that's whats up with me, Elder Meza and I get along just gr8. Have a good week fam! See you in exactly a month from today! 🏁

When we run home from the mission president's counselor's house during the rainstorm
When its valentines day in Colombia and I took i pic with bae
Elder Cottam cutting my hair Wednesday night so I didn't look like a hobo on Thursday. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Here we go last transfer!

Well homies, my time has almost come to part from this time of missionary service. I have 6 weeks left.
  • Startin out the week with the Peruvian companions cookin up some ají de gallina. If you can find some in the US I would really recommend it. We were in trio for 2 weeks cus my comp had early transfers cus he's the new assistant lel.
  • Us looking for the members house where we ate lunch on Tuesday. I took this pic because the houses look like US houses and not like Colombian houses. LOOK AT THE YARDS! 
  • The people who gave us lunch were some of the first members of the Church in Colombia and they basically gave us crock pot meat!   

  • Look how cute they are! 
  • The rift (Pereira) 
  • We played dominoes and then ate some plátano, yuca, and ñame soup with a couple that got baptized the other week. I'm bronze at dominoes (and probably League at this point)   

  • Elder Castillo is a silly goose. 
  • 3 man bot lane combo. Elder Dawson-Elder Castillo- Elder Castañeda. We climbin in your windows, baptizin your people up.

  • In case you don't read Spanish it says Colombian dogs > American dogs
  • These 2 pics basically sum up my area in Pereira, buildings and weed.  

  • A nice *balanced breakfast
  • A cool bug (early game khazix)
  • A typical Colombian menu if you've ever wondered what we eat in Colombia

  • Eating lunch to teach repentance and baptize converts
  • A funny little girl

  • The funny little girl again and Elder Castillo fixing the families computer when it starting playing this weird song on repeat and the other girl couldn't focus well on her homework
  • Beer or lulu juice?
  • The same restaurant twice in the same week! Also CHICKEN STRIPS! Wheres the ranchup?

  • When Elder Silvester says ¨Hey I'll make you pancakes¨ and then gives me this...
  • When the Linares family that I taught and helped get baptized comes to my ward! 
  • Teaching the gospel. 

Look at this trunky kid! Elder Weber, (shaking head like Elder Granda used to do). Hes going home, I guess I'll have to go ALL the way to Power Ranch to see him! 3 Pictures with him so that we can spread the word and help him find a wife, his goal is to be married in less than 6 weeks, SPREAD THE WORD!

  • When Elder Pavez hops off a bus just to say hi. My best Chilean bro. 
  • My new comp Elder Meza! Ill be training Elder Meza to be a zone leader my last transfer, super hype. I honestly am kinda scared to go home... 
  • Not pictured from the week- When these scary guys in a scary neighborhood threatened to kill us, 3spooky5me, insert a skeleton meme. When I had to buy like 30 bus tickets and all the zone money is gone... When Elder Castañeda put his suitcases on the bus and then forgot to get on the bus and it left without him... When I got home from the bus station at 2 in the morning on Sunday. When i had to BACK to the bus station to send a missionary to Manizales at 4AM. Countless other things that just went wrong. Teaching the Gospel. Loving Colombia. 
  • Love you all lots! Have a great last 6 weeks before I'm home 😉

Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017

ELDER MARCHIONI LEFT ME THIS WEEK! President Calderon called us on Tuesday and told Elder Marchioni that he was going to be the new asistent (surprise surprise....) (Everyone knew lol)  and he left on Wednesday morning. SO since wednesday I was with the other 2 missionaries from Alpes, Elder Castillo and Elder Castañeda. They had 3 baptisms planned for this last saturday and I interviewed all 3. We put our faith in the Lord and did everything that we could to visit, animate, and get all the interviews with President set up and in the end they all got baptised! WOOHOO! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

I smashed my foot when we were doing that service project and we were filling bags with rocks... So Elder Surichaqui threw a BIG ROCK like 6 feet in the air and me and another missionary tried to catch it with a bag, but we missed it, and it landed on my foot. Its okay now. I can walk fine.
The people in the ward give us good food! I really like it. The people in Pereira have a bit more money than normal... My area is super rich so yaaaaa there's tons of places to eat haha. 
The work is kinda slow here. My area is full of buildings that we can't knock doors in so its kind of hard to find people... The area where we can actually knock doors is reaaaaaaaaaaally small. like really small. 
Hahaha originally we didn't have people living with us, but then some missionaries lost their house, because the contract expired. so now Elder Silvester from my group is living with me until they can find a new house. So we live 2 gringos, a Chilean, and a Peruvian. 
Things are good here, my comp is funny, he played league of legends and speaks really really good English so we joke around a lot. 
Love you have a good week!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Medellin, 3 months left

Well homies here we go. As you know I'm Elder Dawson, and while I don't send out very many emails I am still in the mission and still alive. 

We started out this week with a nice service project. We helped out some homies from another ward build a wall out of rocks... We dragged these rocks from this creek. Call me gnar. 

1. Elder Moutinho couldn't carry. reported.
2. victory.
3. They gave us some rice and boiled pig skin after the service project (someonecomeanddotheireagleprojecthere)

1. The truth.
2. Colombian Independence day was this week. Lots of parties. 
3. Week six personal study. Watching bible videos. Also the truth.

1. Chill. 
2. When there's no water and we just used the restroom. 😶
3. When they call you up for the transfers and you're going to Pereira with Elder Marchioni. 😁 Spooky but gr8.

1. You gotta start saying bye to all the gr8 people in your area, for example, David, your local drug dealer.
2. Pizza Piola is life. 
3. Ya got Fernando, 15 weeks in a row at church and he still doesn't want to get baptized yet lel. gr8 guy.

Long story short I said bye to all those homies, smashed my foot, and got to Pereira all good. My area is full of rich people and lots of buildings. Lots of hype. 

Have a good week everyone! Read your scriptures and say your prayers! 🏦