Monday, May 8, 2017

Medellin, Week 77

I don't have much time, but my comp is Elder Moutinho he is from Brazil! 
He's a 2 year convert and only member in his family. Hes a gr8 guy. Probs my best companion I've had and he's been a missionary for 1 week lol. 
Elder Pinacho from Mexico is our new roommate. He was my roommate in the MTC so I already knew him, he's a gr8 guy too. Really humble and nice. 
We're doing great. Hoping to baptize haha. Elder Moutinho laughs cus I told him that all our investigators need to get married and he didn't believe me, but now he does lol. No one gets married here. 
We didn't do much when we got our new comps. 
I haven't gotten a package yet. 
Love you lots, talk to you on Sunday!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Medellin, Week 76

Aight. Here we are with the fresh week 6 of the transfer picture spam. Rundown of the week- I'm staying in my area and will be training a new missionary, Elder Pavez and Elder Granda are leaving, I have a lot of pictures of Elder Granda because he's the greatest, 5 people came to church with us woohoo. Also a lot of people in Colombia speak sign language....

1. Elder Granda plays with Batman and Power Ranger action figures in our free time.
2. Aranjuez 2
3. Elder Granda´s face when we see 2 hoodlums eating TREE LEAVES with koolaid powder.....

1. Ya better watch out, ya better not cry, ya better not pout im tellin ya why, ELDER GRANDA IS GONNA SLICE YA UP
2. Elder Pavez eats 8 eggs a day. 
3. He burned himself and then put bread on the burn. Sounds like a bad idea to me, sounds like someones asking for a duck to attack them

1. Aight so Elder Granda completed 6 months in the mission, so like any rational person would do, he decided to buy 6 hamburgers. 
2. Hamburger 1
3. Hamburger 2

1. Hamburger 3. As you can tell. The first 3 burgers all go down fairly easily. 
2. Hamburger 4. 
3. Hamburger 5.

1. THE 6TH
2. He had to use ¨weber sauce´ to be able to finish the 6th burger. But holy moly. 6 hamburgers. GGNORE.
3. Cinnamon and sugar popcorn. great for weekly planning.

1. When the other missionaries didn't have their phone charger the whole week and then they find it in Elder Grandas drawers. (packing up Elder Grandas stuff when they called us to let him knows his new area is Cerete!)
2. When we made Rice Krispie Treats!
3. Eating outside the house when there's no male inside the house, lel. The last supper.

1. RIP the dream squad 
2. Duck face
3. Reunited.

1. Jelly beans. Alone with Elder Webber waiting for our companions. 

Well ya. Hope everyone is great. The Church is true. Live it up. Have a great week homies! 🍍