Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photo and Email from Pippert Family visiting Colombia!


We're traveling in Colombia,  and guess who we ran into...?

Elder Dawson!

He's working hard in the Lords work. He looks healthy and in great spirits.

Jon and family 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Medellin, Week 74

The work of the Lord continues even if I dont write. 

This was the Holy Week and holy cow do people get really busy in this week! We knew that none of our investigators would be in town or available so we did 3 contacting activities Friday Saturday and Sunday like all day where we were in a couple parks with a bunch of signs and we invited people to a table filled with pamphlets. We had signs that said, ¨Meet the Mormons!¨ ¨Why do we walk all day?¨ ¨Why should you listen to us?¨ ¨Why do we knock on your door?¨ and ¨Why are we all named Elder?¨ It was a fun activity. Here in Colombia nobody has heard anything about the Church. For every 100 people we talk to, about 10 will say that they've heard of the church and maybe 1 could tell you something that we believe.

Elder D Todd Christofferson will be visiting our mission and specifically the Medellin Stake this week and Sunday which should be one of the coolest things of my whole life. 

Here in Colombia, Easter isn't really a talked about thing.... Just like last year, none of the talks had to do with Christ. We had a talk about arcade games, a talk about reverence, and two talks about the temple. Its all good tho. This mish is gr8. I feel like as a missionary, my testimony of the Savior grows every day, whatever the church talks may be about.

Ill be home in 6 months. That's a weird thought. I'm trying to live it up while I can. Thank you all for your continued support and love. Love all you homies lots have a great week or 7 until my next letter! 

1. Classic Street Art. Barrio Moravia. 
2. The table with stuff. We talked to a bunch of homies #spreadtheword