Monday, March 20, 2017

Aranjuez, Medellin, Valar Dohaeris, Week 70

Well here we go boys and girls it is WEEK 6 OF THE TRANSFER! You know what that means. Check it out

1. Starting the week out good with a role play including Elder Granda as the RM and Elder Pavez as his first date, Elder Granda refused to learn. (Elder Granda is a veeery interesting person, he never had a cell phone before the mish, he had never talked to a girl that wasn't his mom, he's a Brand main, etc...)
2. #selfie
3. We don't really have a place to eat in our house so Elder Granda eats his soup in the kitchen in a plastic chair.

1. When you find out the local bakery delivers bread WITHOUT CHARGING YOU EXTRA HUZZAH! 
3. When you tell them I'm not too hungry...

1. Elder Granda doing his best impression of being in an IMAX movie theater
2. Typical almuerzo 
3. Included on the list of favorite things to do is whistling at people who walk by our house and asking ¨Que mas pearcero?¨

1. A guy who likes to smoke, we gonna change his life. Rip Graves´ cigar...
2. Sometimes Elder Granda will just freeze in the same position for 5 minutes just to see if anyone will notice. 
3. Its not Paradise Bakery, but its some random bakery that sells good bread and we go eat breakfast there.

1. My new agenda for the transfer. Yes, Elder Granda discovered the golden plates if you weren't aware. 
2. WHEN THE TRANSFERS COME IN AT 8 IN THE MORNIN AND YOU GOTTA RUN TO THE INTERNET TO SEE THEM. Ill be staying in my area with Elder Granda for these next 6 weeks WOOHOO! Elder Pavez and Elder Weber are also staying THE WHOLE POWER RANGER SQUAD IS STAYIN TOGETHER
3. On a more serious note #Pray4Perusalem

1. When Nacional and Medellin (the rival soccer teams from Medellin) play we don't go out and work, cus ya nobody wants to talk to us, and even if someone did, we wouldn't be able to hear them over the sound of the crazy fans in every street. So instead we play Phase 10 on the roof. 
2. Elder Weber doing his best Drew Carey impression. 

3 pictures that describe Elder Granda´s process of getting ready in the morning. The 3 pictures span approximately 1 hour. You may be keen to recognize that nothing changes in the photos. You would be correct if you made that assumption. 

1. When the investigators aren't showin up so you go into the street and start inviting the randos
2. When the taxi driver almost gets in a wreck and the motorcycle homies don't say anything so the taxi driver goes on a RAMPAGE CHASIN AFTER THOSE HOOLIGANS! I was spooked.
3. Praise it. 

1. When the Jehovas Witnesses be knockin doors and we were giving them tips. 
2. When the neighbor doesn't answer the door for the JW´s for the 15 minutes that they were standing there, but then as soon as they leave she sticks her head back out the window. Pro.
3. Typical. I love Elder Granda, hes actually my fave comp all jokes aside. Hes super goofy, but we get along great and work together super. 

1. Pday playing Domino with the Elders Quorum in their activity. 
2. Micro Soccer. Its like regular soccer but smaller. All the church buildings in Colombia have one. 
3. Wellcome to Columbia. 

That's the week folks! Hope you had a cool week like I did! Love you all lots! ⚽

Monday, March 13, 2017

Aranjuez, Valar Dohaeris, Week 69

These last 3 weeks have gone by super duper fast. I can't believe imma be home in 8 months

We had 8 people come with us to church which was a miracle. Looks like all my hard work here is starting to pay off. For 7 of them it was the first time! The Stake Patriarch gave an....... interesting talk about the partriarchal blessing..... All 10 investigators in the sacrament meeting were confused.

We caught a baby bird this week, put it in swaddling clothes and tried to feed it bread, but then it died. RIP Baby Moses.

Things are great here! Love you all have a good week! 

1. Doing our best Pablo Escobar impressions. #Colombia 
2. New Colombian bills next to the old ones, first one to find Gordon B Hinkley wins a special prize!  

Doing our best Pablo Escobar impressions. #Colombia

New Colombian bills next to the old ones, first one to find Gordon B. Hinkley wins a special prize!