Monday, June 26, 2017

3 Baptisms

Ya we had the 3 baptisms which was good! Not a lot of time, thanks for the update tho! Have a good week! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Medellin, Idk what week but I have like 18 weeks left

Alright Phonies, its week 6. Here we got your classic week as a missionary in Colombia.

-Startin out with some peanut butter popcorn.

-7.5 liters of juice for less than 2 dollars. I love it here. HEY THAT'S A LOW PRICE!- Elder Weber (We think that's from some commercial in Arizona, if someone could let me know from which company it would be greatly appreciated.)

-I got my package so now we`re clowns with the clown balloons! That reminds me of my favorite insult, ¨Who's this clown?¨ Because you're not only calling them a clown but also that they're not even a well known clown!

-Ramen noodles bruh. 

-Live 100. 

-That moment when you decide to smash all the plastic bottle guys that youve been saving up for 3 transfers to go and sell to be able to buy a PIZZA!

- That moment when you sell two giant bags of smashed plastic bottles and they give you 60 cents......... 😶

-The new style. Watch out. 

- No, you don't need to clean your monitor. This is real life. This is a lunch in Colombia WITHOUT RICE! 

-Elder Moutinho learned in less that 24 hours to do the rubik cube. Str8 up mathematician. 

- A guy who hopped onto his pile of stuff and rode it down the big hill screaming! Reminds me of Brother Memmott, ¨GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOO¨.

-When the members visit investigators with you.

-Your classic pizza party. Looks like we collected the most box tops! #4thgradealloveragain

-A sign I found 10 feet up in a tree...

- My favorite part of the Bible, when Mary gets crowned in heaven.

- I miss this.

-Medellin is neat-o.

- Its like in Celtic Kings every time I won the game against the bots. Surrounded. GGEZ. 

-When somebody throws the card on the ground 😑

-MFW the water balloon pops.
- La niña de la noche. He didnt eat his crust, so we gave him a wig. 

-When we went to go do a service activity to help the Relief Society President move. We broke her glass table..... Ooops....
- Not pictured: All of Sunday. We had 10 investigators at church. When we got the transfers and Elder Weber is going to CHINCHINA and he screamed NONONO!
Ya that was basically the week. Love you homies lots! Bob bless!