Monday, February 20, 2017

Aranjuez, Medellin, Valar Dohaeris, Week 66

The other missionaries had a baptism this week and I played ¨Mas cerca Dios de ti¨ on the ukulele which went pretty well! 

Elder Falabella from the 70, from Guatemala yee shoutout to TBone, came and spoke to our mission which was pretty cool. I learned a lot and got to see all of my old companions that are still in the mish including 8 of the 9 gringos from my group! 

On Saturday night me and Elder Pavez made ¨completos¨ which is a Chilean food thing. It's basically a hot dog with tomato, avocado, ketchup, mayo, and mustard. They were pretty good.

At the start of this transfer we had 4 couches in the house. We now have 8.... Whenever we see people throwing couches away we always take them to the house 📈

The laws of Colombia changed recently and now people can't listen to super loud music at night. If they do, the police can now make them stop the party. This is good news for missionaries that need some beauty sleep. It's weird tho. Cus we spend a lot of time on our roof with all our new couches eating and chatting, but now we have to do it in silence 😓 cus none of the neighbors put on loud reggae-ton music like they used to 😔 I actually really like reggae-ton music...

It was a good week here in Medellin, hope you all are gr8 have a good one! 🆕

ya boys at the chu church

Eattin thos completos

Monday, February 13, 2017

Aranjuez, Medellin, Valar Dohaeris, Week 65

Hi guys! I'm in Medellin and life is GR8! My new comp is super humble and loves to help out with everything! He washes all the dishes too so that's a score! 

Everyone here talks in vos. If you don't know anything about Spanish, there are different ways to say the word ¨You¨, like if you wanna be formal, or informal, and then you can use the word ¨vos¨ which is super informal to the point where it either means you hate the person you are talking to or you love them. I'm pretty sure everyone uses it with me cus they hate me.

We`re out here finding tons of new people to teach! We found this cool family this week and when we visited them yesterday they gave us morcilla! Not my fave, but its still fun to eat blood sausage! 

I live with Elder Weber who lives in Power Ranch in Gilbert. He's a cool guy. I also live with Elder Pavez from Chile. We have lots of fun together! 

Love you guys lots have a gr8 week! 

1. My comp loves this picture of the family of Elder Weber. He looks at in in all his free time...
2. When I just ate a bunch of Chinese Rice and feel super fat, but still gotta make it on time to that appointment!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Chinchina, Its lit, Week 64

Well this was my last week in Chinchina! And as you know every week 6 of the transfer is a blast of pictures.
  • The sides of my new agenda. Valar Dohaeris.
  • My comp likes to practice his Shia Labeouf impression by screaming at everyone JUST DO IT! This picture was taken at 11 at night when the sister missionaries were in the hospital and my comp here is trying to animate one of our zone leaders to take money to them. 
  • A nice breakfast. Aloe vera drank and a muffin.

  • Coca Cola in CANS! What a find!
  • I don't even know what he wants. He sleeps inside btw. 
  • Vamonos lets go!

  • Lunch at a place called Panda Express, it wasn't as good. Also yes it says jedi in the background.
  • When your comp orders a rubiks cube online and it doesn't get to him on time so he goes and complains. #suchacommonplight
  • Sam Witwicky pls

  • Never leave your house without the rift.
  • When the zone leaders invite us to their house for a meeting called "Noche de Garments, Noche de Paz". The taxi dude just wanted to talk about prostitutes. 
  • Smile and say gg ez boys

  • We actually met the famous 🎷esus Hernan Tobon!
  • The branch presidents son is playing with the neighbor boy who isn't allowed to leave his house. The branch presidents wife hears the word "bazooka"  and freaks out and tells him he's not allowed to play with bazookas or any type of weapon. He comes in 5 minutes later "Mom can we use a landmine PLEEEEEASE!?" #godzirra
  • Cookin it up Gary's way. Ft. tongs and glasses to protect me from harm. 

  • My new area will be Aranjuez 2 in the city of Medellin! My companion is Elder Granda from Ecuador.
  • Chao Chinchina! 
  • They stuffed us like a cheeseburger into this bus yo

A little pic of the new house. Im really excited to be back in Medellin working! It'll obviously be hard, but with the help of the Lord anything is possible. Love you all lots have a good week 🐣