Monday, January 30, 2017

Chinchina, It´s without water, Week 63

Hey homies I´m alive. 
Elder Yamashiro taught me how to solve a rubiks cube last week and I´m down to doing it in 2 minutes. Pretty pro. 
Things in Chinchina are ok. We have found 19 new investigators this month which is a lot for Chinchina!
The temperature is always the same in Colombia no matter the season, so Im pretty jelly of all the people living in places that aren't right next to the Equator. 
This week I got letters from converts in the coast which was neat! 2 of them are preparing to go on missions! I'm actually so excited for them. 
This week we got a miracle reference from Pereira! Elder Bagley called me and told me that he contacted someone in the streets of Pereira who lives here in Chinchina! We went to go visit the person in their restaurant and they handed us a package instead of telling us who they were....... The package turned out to be from the Linares family from Pereira! They sent me chocolate and a mug with my old name on it! 
This week we didn't have water for 4 days here in Chinchina. We had to go to Manizales to take showers sometimes, other times we used water stored in jugs. Then the Lord showed mercy on Chinchina and gave us our water back on Friday
We went bowling today and I almost got a Turkey.... Looks like my bowling class was for nothing... 😓
Love you guys lots! Have a well week! 🚿
2. I cant even English rn

To Mom:
This week was better.
so on Wednesday we were talking to a lady who is married. Her husband wasn't home so we couldn't teach them both so we just talked to her with a member. She was worried that her husband hadn't gotten home yet at 730 when hes always home at 7... So we pass by for our lesson 2 days later and we knock on the door and nobody answers... A guy passes by and goes, eyy no ones home cus they're at the señors funeral....... we´re like uhhhhhh what señor........ but then he ran away. so we went to the neighbors house and asked a little kid and the kid was like oh ya, he died 2 days ago when he fell from his motorcycle and got smashed by a truck....
holy moly. gg. 
That's super cool about the stuff that happened this week! Imma write that stuff down to share it with members. 
No one came to church... It kinda sucks but that's what happens when the members don't let us teach their friends... We talk to people in the streets and hope that they accept our invitations. 
I'm doing good. Well see if I get sent somewhere else this week since there are transfers. Elder Yamashiro says we'll stay together but idk, I think I'm leaving. well see. have a good week love you lots! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Chinchina, It´s Lit, Week 61

This week in Chinchina was a good one. We´ve been working really hard to try and find new investigators. 
Hypothesis. The branch directory has not been uptaded in 50 years. 
Proof. Directions of people who live in Nepal and Venezuela. Nobody has a phone number. 
Things are good tho! Me and my companion Elder Yamashiro get along great. Nobody pronounces his name right. 
There´s really not a lot to saaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Love you guys lots! The Church is true! Have a great week! 🎄

My Comp has an Ugly Shirt


Monday, January 2, 2017

Chinchina, Scum and Villainy, Week 60

Chinchina is the first city 'Ive seen in Colombia that has the police doing WORK! They're bustin people all day long. 

Despite all the work they do, its sadly just not enough. Truly Han Solo was talking about Chinchina when he said, ¨You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.¨

¨Lots of cocaine¨ would be the phrase to describe news years in Chinchina. 

I saw some homies playing League of Legends yesterday, Varus and Blitzcrank (it was definitely Blitzcrank) bot lane duo. 2 of my fave champs... The dream.

Yesterday at night I had an impression to visit a recent convert that we haven't visited in a while. I decided hey, its not the plan but why not. We visited her and found her crying because of a string of bad things that had happened to her recently. Her main point that she kept bringing up was Why Me? My companion Elder Yamashiro was able to bear her his testimony on why bad things happen sometimes. 6 months ago while Elder Yamashiro was here in the mission, his mother passed away unexpectedly, and he decided to stay here in the mission to finish his service. It was def one of the most spiritual experiences I've had here on the mish, talking to a recent convert outside her house, with Colombian music blasting from every corner. It is my 

Love you guys lots have a great week! 🌬