Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

I smashed my foot when we were doing that service project and we were filling bags with rocks... So Elder Surichaqui threw a BIG ROCK like 6 feet in the air and me and another missionary tried to catch it with a bag, but we missed it, and it landed on my foot. Its okay now. I can walk fine.
The people in the ward give us good food! I really like it. The people in Pereira have a bit more money than normal... My area is super rich so yaaaaa there's tons of places to eat haha. 
The work is kinda slow here. My area is full of buildings that we can't knock doors in so its kind of hard to find people... The area where we can actually knock doors is reaaaaaaaaaaally small. like really small. 
Hahaha originally we didn't have people living with us, but then some missionaries lost their house, because the contract expired. so now Elder Silvester from my group is living with me until they can find a new house. So we live 2 gringos, a Chilean, and a Peruvian. 
Things are good here, my comp is funny, he played league of legends and speaks really really good English so we joke around a lot. 
Love you have a good week!

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