Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Well this week was fun. I GOT A NEW COMPANION! They sent me another comp and we are in a TRIO! His name is Elder Lopez from SANTIAGO CHILE! 

Here's a picture of him. He was here in the mission when i got here, but he only stayed 4 months because he had heart problems, and had to go home to get surgery or something. But he's back now! And I'm training him again! Hes a cool guy, he loved game of thrones and league of legends. So hes basically me from Chile. 
I had an exchange with Elder Surichaqui this week. He had an allergic reaction and we went to the hospital all day lol.

Also Carlos blessed the sacrament this week and Jonathan passed it! So that was pretty cool. Also Carlos wants to do mission prep to go on a mission so that's pretty hype! 

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