Monday, July 24, 2017

Medellin, 3 months left

Well homies here we go. As you know I'm Elder Dawson, and while I don't send out very many emails I am still in the mission and still alive. 

We started out this week with a nice service project. We helped out some homies from another ward build a wall out of rocks... We dragged these rocks from this creek. Call me gnar. 

1. Elder Moutinho couldn't carry. reported.
2. victory.
3. They gave us some rice and boiled pig skin after the service project (someonecomeanddotheireagleprojecthere)

1. The truth.
2. Colombian Independence day was this week. Lots of parties. 
3. Week six personal study. Watching bible videos. Also the truth.

1. Chill. 
2. When there's no water and we just used the restroom. 😶
3. When they call you up for the transfers and you're going to Pereira with Elder Marchioni. 😁 Spooky but gr8.

1. You gotta start saying bye to all the gr8 people in your area, for example, David, your local drug dealer.
2. Pizza Piola is life. 
3. Ya got Fernando, 15 weeks in a row at church and he still doesn't want to get baptized yet lel. gr8 guy.

Long story short I said bye to all those homies, smashed my foot, and got to Pereira all good. My area is full of rich people and lots of buildings. Lots of hype. 

Have a good week everyone! Read your scriptures and say your prayers! 🏦

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